As a credit union, you need a competitive advantage to increase your penetration of mortgages. Ashfield & Associates will help your credit union create a best-in-class member experience by working closely with you to identify and implement strategies to enhance services, streamline processes, build market share and boost cross-sales. At Ashfield & Associates, we work with clients to create comprehensive strategies for sales, marketing, product, pricing and multi-channel delivery. We assist with implementation of action steps to effectively build market share, review of origination staff incentives, compensation, recognition and reward programs, and review the pricing of products and services offered with regard to competitors.
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“Thanks so much for your help as we pursued Fannie Mae Seller/Servicer approval. It was very comforting to have you as a valuable and readily available resource. I know it’s not easy to get approval, and having ours approved with such little push-back was nothing short of fantastic.”Steve Elkins, SVP, DuPont Community Credit Union, Waynesboro, Virginia

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