Here is what John O’Brien, SVP of Lending at Leominster Credit Union in Massachusetts, says about how Tracy Ashfield helped the credit union boost market share and improve its real estate strategy, resulting in a dramatic impact in the credit union’s performance:

What We Do Page“A few years ago we were struggling to increase our market share of mortgage business and our secondary market capabilities. We knew we had the potential but needed something to happen and jump-start the process. Fortunately, we connected with Tracy Ashfield and hired her as a consultant to guide us. This decision turned out to be an excellent one for the credit union. Tracy quickly got engaged through a series of on-site visits and regular phone calls. She was always accessible and able to answer any questions at any time. She quickly developed rapport with all levels of employees. Her knowledge of the mortgage industry is outstanding. With Tracy’s guidance we were able to quickly ramp up our mortgage originations, improve our structure and compliance, and improve our secondary market capabilities. The results were dramatic and had a significant impact on our bottom line. Mortgage originations grew 300% year to year. Our mortgage portfolio grew over $10 million, and in addition we earned over $1 million in mortgage sales premium. If you are considering taking your mortgage program to the next level, I strongly encourage you to consider the services of Tracy Ashfield.”

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